Hi I'm Donna Wolfe from naztazia.com
Today I wanted to review the last 20 or so videos I've made on YouTube. First is
my Felted by Fulling handbag using my good friend Kristin Omdahl's beautiful Be
So Brave wool yarn. Next is my Double Sweet Ripple blanket, which uses two
strands of yarn held together to create a nice blended effect. My Sweet Simple
Slippers can be customized to fit any foot size. And my Crochet Birthday Party
hats are always a big hit with the kids. I show how to knit for beginners
using the English method style of
knitting. And I also show how to knit
using the Continental method of knitting. These crochet Sweet Angel decorations
are good for any time of the year. My next two videos show how to crochet and
knit an i-cord. I did a collaboration with my friend Crystal from Bag O Day
Crochet and More with this Citrus Splash Hat. My crochet clothes hangers are both
decorative and useful. I love flowers – and this Flowing Flower works great on hats
or shawls. My crochet Bohemian Clutch is a collaboration with my friend Emi from
Hectanooga1. These crochet Lace Covered Eggs are both pretty and elegant.
And this Boho Bead Bracelet is a lot of
fun in these bright colors. The Boho Bead
Earrings match the bracelet nicely. My Jersey handbag is a good pattern for
t-shirt yarn. Bell Petal Flowers work great on hats and shawls as well. These
Blossom Scrubbies are made with scrubby eyelash yarn and look pretty in the
kitchen. I also show how to crochet Scallops on Fleece to create this pretty
blanket. And if you want to know how to knit an easy rose – my Rolled Rose pattern is the one for you. If you need a break from crocheting and knitting, this
Yarn Wrapped Wreath is a good project. Do you like owls? This cell case is a good
project to learn how to cross stitch on
crochet. If one of your hands ever become tired or strained, I show how to crochet with just one hand
in this video. You can learn to crochet an easy sweater, which is a collaboration
with my friend Marie from Underground Crafter. Plus I used Kristin Omdahl's Be So Tender yarn. You can meet some of my favorite YouTubers in my Showcase videos
including Celina from Simply Collectible, Kristin Omdahl, Crystal from Bag O Day
Crochet, Sara from Posh Pooch Designs and Emi from Hectanooga1. And finally
this is my Beachy Keen Shawl pattern. I hope you have enjoyed this recap video.
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