and welcome to another I don’t really
know what to call it begin a video in
this video I’m just going to talk about
what I would class as my top suggestions
for beginners to tackle I get asked all
the time you know what is the best thing
to make when you’re just starting out
and I also say that question get asked a
lot on Facebook and thing you know well
on these groups and a lot of the time a
granny square gets suggested as the
first thing that you should try and
tackle and yes obviously granny squares
are a fundamental crochet item but I
wouldn’t necessarily recommend that for
your very first project because number
one I mean it may have just been me but
I actually quite struggle quite a lot
with the granny square when I first
started out it took me quite a few
attempts you know I mean I don’t know
exactly what shape they were but they
certainly weren’t square the first
couple of girls that I had so it can be
quite disheartening when you’re really
trying and everyone’s saying or you
should start with this and if you can’t
get it can you can really knock your
confidence so as much as obviously
granny squares are great and they are
something that you will want to move on
to but as I say they’re not necessarily
the thing that I would recommend
starting out with because they’re also
really time-consuming so obviously each
individual square is going to have a
tails so in so and then you’ve obviously
got to stitch them all together and then
you’ve got to stitch all the way around
the outside and add a border and it’s
not something that you can get like an
instant gratification from you can’t
feel good about it straight to where you
almost because you’re not finished you
know you’ve got to there’s so many steps
to the process of doing something with a
granny square and so anyway I’ve just
got a little pile of loveliness here and
they’re just suggestions they’re not by
any means
Abbasi this is what you’ve got to make
but it’s just suggestions on things that
number one use a few basic techniques
what number two can be finished with it
a matter of a couple of hours and you’ve
got a finished actual something at the
end of that couple of hours work so I
mean obviously this is for people that
I’ve already gone through my beginners
series and have mastered the chain and
some of the basic stitches so your
doubles and troubles and things like
that you know that they are your
absolute basics that you need to have
practice before and what these are just
projects that you can just whip up I
feel really good about what you’ve
completed and it’s a finished product
but then you know not not too longer a
time period one of the first ones is you
know you may see a particular blanket
stitch that you really like the look of
but you might not necessarily want to
jump straight into a huge blanket and
that is just to use whatever stitch
you’ve seen that you like the look of
and make a small bit so whatever stitch
is seeing that you like the look of just
make something like a washcloth like
I’ve done here so this is using my
fluffy clouds tutorial for example and
obviously that is named as a blanket on
my channel but you can use any stitch to
just make up little washcloths and so
you know you can you can get to grips
with with the stitch but in a very small
area if you like and you can have it
finished in a few hours and then if you
want to move on then to making a huge
blanket with it then great but
washcloths are just a really really good
way of testing out your technique and
testing out a stitch but without having
to spend months and months on it so
they’re obviously a really good project
and then on the similar sort of lengths
you’ve also got things like little face
so again tutorials for these are all on
my channel I will link everything down
below but you’ve got little round face
grubbies which again are perfect because
not only do they test out your your
basic stitch skills you’re working in a
different shape that you might not have
done before and it also gets you
– increasing as well and obviously this
particular one also has a little border
on so it just uses lots of techniques
but again you know you can whip it up in
I mean obviously my time schedule is you
know I can do these in in about 15-20
minutes but obviously if you were
literally just starting out then you
know an hour maybe but again you’ve got
something actually finished so brilliant
one our little face careers and then
obviously this is a Christmas one but it
can be used in any colors but coasters
as well are another great one you can
make up a little set of them and that
could almost be your first crochet gift
that you give to somebody as well a
little set of coasters but they again
ones like this as well I’ll still get
you used to changing colors and get you
used to breathing in your ends so
coasters are a really good one
especially ones that you want to might
want to change color in again it just
teaches you many more techniques but
again in something that is quite a short
time period but then I would say
probably my favorite thing or my number
one thing to recommend to a beginner is
a scarf so it can be for you it can be
for anybody but again a scarf is just a
wonderful way to test out a pattern but
again you can have it done in a day or
two so I mean this one here that I’ve
got is my tulip stitch scarf and this is
obviously an infinity scarf what it’s
just obviously the nice and cozy nice
and warm and again you can just whip
them up and have them done really really
quickly they make really really nice
gifts as well but there’s nothing worse
than starting out on a project when
you’re a beginner and when you’ve done
an hour on it or two hours on it or
three hours on it and still thinking
there is such a long way to go with it
it’s really good to do things like
scarves to have just that no
finished products so again this is my
chillip stitch scarf but I will link
down below just to my whole scarf and
shawl series because they are obviously
a great way to test things out and again
this is another infinity scarf this is
my basic lace stitch infinity scarf so
obviously it’s in that most amazing
rainbow yarn and again it’s just
basically stitch and I mean I’ve whipped
this up in probably the two hours and
again it’s just a nice one to have done
I actually made a really long one on
this because I wanted it to go around
three times I wanted it to be quite a
bulky one almost so I wanted it to go
around three times so that is my mesh
scarf so again a couple of hours and it
was done so I don’t know why I’m putting
all these on actually isn’t it doesn’t
matter what they look like
but anyway well yeah infinity scarves
are just or you can just obviously
leaving them long scarves are just a
really good one and then I’m just going
to give you a little sneak preview of
the tutorial that is coming next week so
this is obviously an ear warmer slash
headband that I made for my daughter
this week and the tutorial will be
coming for this next week but again this
took me maybe two hours and again it’s
just really quick really simple and it’s
just one of those things that again
makes good gifts but it’s not it’s not
going to take you that earth to complete
it you know you can practice a stitch
you can use any stitch you like but this
particular one in the tutorial is just
the seed stitch which again is on my
channel and it’s just been done in a
chunky yarn so it took no time at all
really but they are very very pretty
this will have buns so that is it for
this video it was just a few suggestions
of things other than the granny square
because you know
for me a granny square is something that
you progress to and when you’ve got more
time and when you’re not as bothered
about feeling like you’ve finished
something kiss for me when I started I
just wanted to have that feeling off
I’ve done something and I finished it
and it turned out well it’s much more
encouraging I think when you just
starting out to have that feeling so I
really hope that you didn’t mind this
little Rumble and that it points some of
you in the right direction for when
you’re just starting out but as always
links are all in the description I will
leave a couple of suggestions maybe here
or maybe the scarf series for you to
have a look at but I will see you for
another tutorial very very soon bye for

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