hey guys for this tutorial I'm using shaft on Maya Punto yarn this is great because it has 55% cotton and 45% acrylic yarn and we will need 2 balls cause we are crocheting in the round and we need also such double pointed Tunisian crochet hook I'm using here five point five millimeters and it's recommended to use 3.5 to 4.5 and you should go up so you should take the bigger a bigger size hook cause we are crocheting Tunisian style and therefore you need a big one so not if you usually for this yarn if you use 4 or 3.5 crochet hook and take a bigger one we
need also markers we need a tapestry needle and to this please find all the links in the description box below ok so we start with a usual Slipknot make sure your stitches are not too tight then you start chaining stitches and then you have to wrap your chain around your foot like this like I draw this in the picture and then you just hold your chain onto your foot and then you know if it's long enough or not and then if it's long enough then we'll join this to a circle so we starting at this point and then we'll continue this way
okay so if you think that your chain is long enough we can join this to a circle so make sure it is not twisted and you can go through your stitches like usual or you can take these back problems or back loops it's not the usual back loop it's the loop on the back side and I will join this with a slip stitch and then I will go through these big bubbles and I will pick up all stitches and keep them on my hook okay so if you have some stitches on your hook you will just tie a knot with the second ball so this is the second one we have here the first and here the
second and you just tie a knot then you turn your work so you have now the other end of your hook then you grab the yarn yarn over and you go through the first loop and then always through and with this and you will do all the time the same so this end won't do anything else then going through two stitches or through two loops so this end will form your stitches and this one here will just pull the yarn through your loops and you continue doing this until you have 3 stitches left like this and then I turn my work on and I continue always so I'm working like
this and then you just continue picking up stitches and if you have an absolute these are quite of you I'm I'm usually pick up more but just to show you how this works then you turn again you work and then you pull through until you have three of the new continue picking up stitches again okay so after the first round who will start crushing the shaft and who will crochet one knit stitch and one purl stitch now I will show you how to do that okay so for the knit stitch you will search for this vertical bars yes and these these and you're going under
this vertical bar and through your work and your coming on the back side and then you yarn over and pull up your loop and this is the knit stitch for the purl stitch you take the yarn to the front side and you're going under your vertical bar and you're still at the front side and you wrap your yarn around the hook and you pull up your loop and this is your go stitch so knit stitch again under the vertical bar and through your work pull up your loop and the purl stitch yarn to the front under the vertical bar wrap and pull okay then you alternate
all the time between one knit stitch and one purl stitch when you're doing this for your shaft you can do this as long as you want I have here actually to knit stitch and to purl stitch and I did it only for three or four rounds you can do it also for the whole shaft so it depends on how you want to which hope you want to have and here on this side so the back hook is all as you already know so you just pull through pull through two bills or super-soldier so you will just create your work with this side of the hook and the back side always pull through okay
so if you want to switch from the ribbing pattern to the stockinette stitch we will do this after you finish one round and these short strands you they mark the beginning of around and after this you just continue crocheting the knit stitch so only that stitch knit stitch stitch and then you will get the stockinette stitch and then this side you just pull through 432 apple shochu and so on so you can't decide you won't change so I don't have to show you this again otherwise you will be bored yeah and then are you just continue doing this and it will look
like this here and then we'll continue at this point okay so this is my sock so far I stopped at the end of the row so as you can see here are these short strands and I stopped here and then you just fold your work like this and you put a marker on this side and on this side so you don't have to count anything first and you just set the markers and then you count the stitches in between here and I have here 16 stitches so you just count these vertical bars award you three hands on and I have here 16 and we just want to form here a space so we
want to have this space that we can add a heel later so we are now at this point and you want to continue this way so we need here a hole okay and we we said we have here 16 stitches and now I will cast on 16 stitches on my hook and for this you just grab the yarn just what did you cruciate miss okay so you grab the yarn like this it's just like knitting to cast on if unit and you go under this this trend and over this one and then you pull okay one more time under Oh so we have to [Music] okay and then we continue to crochet the stockinette stitch I'm using the knit
stitch only and you continue after the second marker so you skip all these stitches which we count it and you continue after the marker which I have to put it to the front okay so now it's better and you continue with the knit stitch you stay at the front stay here okay like this then on this side you will do the same as always just for three to four tuples or to all these stitches you work as no normal Tunisian stitches so you this don't change I won't show you youth anymore you you you have seen this so many times okay and then you continue just working in the
rounds your stockinette stitch and and now we are at this point so we continue crocheting this way and this length you will find this in the in the chart which I uploaded on my website so just have a look at the chart and then you will know for which foot size you will crochet how long so I have a European size thirty nine point five and I have to crochet here fifteen centimeters and then we will continue together this at this point so if you have your length which I need for your foot okay so this is my sock so far and what I will do now I will put these markers and I will set
them also here so just fold your sock like this and transfer the markers to these sides now we will crochet the toe section and this round will be a decreasing round and we will decrease once before the marker and once after the marker and also here once before and once after so I will show you how to do this you continue crocheting your knit stitch until you have 3 stitches left before the marker so you can count here one two three stitches left and now I'm going through the next stitch like this and I'm still on the front side and I'm also
going through the second coming out on the back side and then I pull the yarn through both loops like this so this was the decrease and then through the search your normal knit stitch and then after the marker the first stitch will be the your normal knit stitch and then the decrease and here also the same you're going through this stitch and then through the second and then to the back and go through – okay and then you continue your normal knit stitch and on this side you continue to crochet until you have again three stitches one two three before the marker okay so I'm at
the second marker and what we will do here is the same so we have three stitches left and we will decrease decrease the first two then third normal after the marker the first stitch normal and the decrease and then you continue crocheting your normal knit stitches as before and what you will do now you will alternate between this decreasing round and one normal around so the next round will be without decreasing and you will have to crochet five rounds in this way so you should have three decreasing rounds and two normal rounds and then we'll continue together so this is how
my stop looks so far and what we'll do now we will decrease every round so from now on you will decrease here and here every round until you have only one third of all your stitches laughs so I should have here before we started decreasing 32 stitches and I will continue until I have ten stitches left or less and then we'll close the toe section [Music] [Music] so this is our suck so far we've lost a toe section and now we will create the heel for this I already added or joined two yarns it doesn't matter where you join them so you can attach them you can
attach them at any point but we need to again because we need two strands of yarn and I will just pick up stitches here so I'm doing the normal and stitch and I just pick up all stitches for this round and from the backside you will start by changing one so you just go only through the first and then always through to choose richer yes you already know and you continue doing this for the first round whoops so we do anything else only this okay so after the first round we will continue as with it at our toe sections so we will start decreasing and we alternate
between one decreasing round and one the non decreasing row so you can set markers here and here if you want you can put them here again or you see where you have to decrease so with this round we will decrease ones here and here and also here and here next round we won't decrease so we will alternate between decreasing and on non decreasing around and we will alternate until our heel is done so at the toe section we stopped after five rounds and we decreased until the end so here we will alternate all the time so the heel will be a little bit longer than the tail
section but it it is nearly the same and you will also continue crocheting until you have one third of your stitches or less and then you will close your heel the same way as this whole section so that so actually this part is the same as this part but we will alternate all the time that's all so I hope this tutorial was helpful have a look at other videos and then forget it graduating to fight about introduced Imaginext bye-bye